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  • Reform, condition and rejuvenate soil, eliminate soil toxicity and salty residues.
  • Activate natural microbial mechanism of soil fertility. Promote beneficial bacteria, provide suitable condition for multiplication of beneficial bacteria and microbes.
  • Control soil and water pollution. Prevents underground water from toxic contamination due to fertilizer and pesticide leaching.
  • Provides macro and micro nutrients to crop.
  • Control fertilizer and nutrient's leaching in farms.
  • Promote aggregation and flocculation in soil.
  • Control propagation of harmful bacteria and viruses in soil.
  • Make soil loose, moist, and soft. Promote root and plant growth.
  • Promote cellulose synthesis and prevent plants from insects.
  • Regulates temperature and PH value of soil.
  • Promote buffering property of soil.
  • Improve fruit count, frute size, colour taste and texture.
  • Chelate toxic and heavy metal ions in soil, eliminate soil toxicity.
  • Promote flowering and fruit set. Prevent fruit and flower droping.
  • Develop adverse condition tolerance capacity in crops.
  • Make yield organic and enhance yield quality and quantity.
  • Build and improve humus level in soil. Make crops drought and cold resistant.
  • Release phosphorus from lock-ups and promote plant root growth and new root formation.
  • Prevents malnutrition in crop. Provide balanced and appropriate quantity of nutrition.
  • Promote photosynthesis, inhance chlorophyll, boost plant metabolism and increase crop yield.
  • Absorbs toxic residues in soil and ensures availability of minerals and nutrients to plant roots.
  • Work as an organic catalyst, promote CEC (Cation Exchance Capacity) of soil.
  • Ensure overall plant growth and crop health. Reduces usage of toxic crop protection products.
  • Promote earthworm count and provide natural condition to activate microbes.
  • Promote plant metabolism and speeds up photosynthesis. Improves fruit set, increases quality and quality of yield.
  • Promote water retention capacity of soil. Reforms soil structure, ensures aggregation, friability, and support tilth & flocculation.
  • Provide food to beneficial bacteria & fungus, activate natural auto fertility mechanism of soil.
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