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'Humus' is the main element in soil responsible for soil fertility and water retention. Depletion of humus level in soil is one of the main reasons of farmers' suicide in india. Decreasing humus level has distirbed the microbial system of soil which is affecting the self fertility mechanism of soil. Re-establishing the humus level of soil and re-activate natural microbial sysyem of soil is one of the prime object of NEUGLOBAL UPAJVARDHAK INDIA LIMITED.

After continuous application tests and experiments NeuGlobal Upajvardhak India Limited has formulated specific organic cropcare products for soil rejuvenation, soil conditioning, crop revitalization, and yield boosting. These products are capable to make agriculture organic and artificial inorganic chemical fertlizers and toxic crop protection products free.

On the basis of its objects NeuGlobal Upajvardhak India Limited is unique and very different from other fertilizer and crop protection product companies. Our target is to make agriculture sustainable and shift it on zero budget farming. Our producta are totally different from regular inorganic chemical fertilizers. Our products support the natural bio system of soil fertility. We jave formulated 'Upajvardhak' and other specific cropcare products to boost organic yield and make farming Non-toxic in future. " Upajvardhak will replace the artificial inorganic chemical fertilizers and toxic crop protection products in agriculture."

To manage and operate the company, men on mission “National Organic Revolution” & ”Vedic White Revolution” are there to shoulder the responsibilities.

Company's Registered Office is at 58/27 Birhana Road Kanpur, U.P (India) and Corporate Office is at A-96, Shankar Garden, Opp. Vikaspuri P.S., Vikaspuri New Delhi-110018 (India). Production is from Bhavnagar and Faridabad. Marketing, Distribution, Administration & Management are being looked after from Kanpur and New Delhi. For easy operation company has separate branches in different zones. Company plans to develop organic farms in Various states at large scale and works are in progress….

Company exports its products to african countries, Bangladesh and Nepal.

For its establishment, managent, accounting, administration, audit, compliences, and export-import company is associated with Neusource Startup Minds India Limited.

NEUGLOBAL UPAKVARDHAK INDIA LIMITED is determined to make Indian agriculture organic. Company Products have been formulated to fulfill the objective. Our products application will ensure total transformation of agriculture with qualitative increase in yield.

Company plans to form organic producer groups to provide certified and authentic farm product to consumers and certification to organic producers.

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