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Who We Are

Leading The Way In Providing
Sustainable Agricultural Inputs

Our Mission

Provide efficient approved organic inputs to increase crop yield and quality of farm produce

Our Vision

Being part of international agricultural sustainability movement through joint ventures.


Providing Efficient Solutions to ensure Agricultural Sustainability

Why Us

Neuglobal Products are useful to fulfill the following objectives:

1. To make agriculture more productive, sustainable, remunerative and climate resilient, environment and health friendly and enhance farmers’ economic prosperity. 2. To conserve natural water resources through soil moisture holding capacity buildup and improved underground water recharging.
3. To adopt comprehensive soil health management practices based on soil fertility and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.
4. To optimize utilization of water ‘more crop per drop’ and conservation of underground and rain water by retaining the soil moisture and improved water penetration to recharge the underground water aquifers.
5. “National Nutrition Security” and improve “National Health”.
6. To achieve Climate Resilient Agriculture in the domain of climate change adaptation and mitigation.
7. To achieve the National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture.
8. Conservation of environment, mitigation of global warming and its reversal.
9. Effective management of available water resources and enhancing water use efficiency.
10. To improve organic farm productivity, improve soil health, increase water holding capacity of soil.
11. Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and enhancing soil organic carbon content.
12. Integrated Nutrient Management for improving soil health, enhancing nutritional value and crop productivity and maintaining quality of soil and water resources.
13. National Food Security Mission (NFSM) inherent with “Nutrition Security”.
14. Climate change mitigation and achieve the goals of National Action Plan on Climate Change.
15. To achieve the goals of National Project on Management of Soil Health and Fertility (NPMSHF) and National Project on Organic Farming (NPOF)To promote National Organic Revolution.

National Organic Revolution

  • Keeping in view the pros and cons of Green Revolution, company strives to bring the “National Organic Revolution” for course correction in agriculture.
  • To achieve the mission of “National Organic Revolution” the root causes as increased cost of farming, decreasing productivity and inferior nutrition quality of farm produce needs to be addressed with easily and readily available solutions . NeuGlobal Upajvardhak India provides efficient organic inputs to make Indian Agriculture non-toxic and revert it to “Organic Farming” from “Chemical Farming”.
  • Quality of farm produce is decreasing gradually due to use of chemical fertilizer’s and toxic crop protection products. Dependence on the use of toxic crop care inputs to control pest and disease has increased the farming cost too. Decreasing production and increased cost of farming has affected farmers badly and compelled them to take extreme steps. Soil health has been affected adversely.
  • Crops produced by applying toxic cropcare products and synthesised chemical fertilizers fail on international quality standards and get rejected from export. In a situation of not being able to be exported, the complete excess harvest comes to the domestic indian market which imbalances the supply and demand ratio. Due to excess incoming of farm produce in domestic markets, farmers do not get the fair value of their yield.
  • Farmers may avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and toxic cropcare products and substitute it from approved organic inputs provided by NeuGlobal Upajvardhak India Limited. Regular application of these organic inputs revives soil health, productivity and produce quality and minimises farming input cost too.
  • The world has become aware of the ill effects of chemically grown farm products. Demand of organic farm produce has increased globally as these quality organic farm produce which is food cum preventive medicine, laden with nutrients are the only actual food fit for human consumption. Nutrition laden quality organic farm produce realises higer cost and demand than chemically grown farm produce.
  • NeuGlobal Upajvardhak India Limited provides efficient organic inputs to increase qualitative yield and promote Organic Farming. NUIL strives to make Indian Agriculture non-toxic.


What Our Clients Say

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