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Product Description:

Mrida Poshak, (Badhaye Mitti ki Taakat) Mrida Poshak Neuzyme Plus is roasted bentonite crystal based soil conditioner fortified with humic, fulvic acid and Seaweed extract. Mrida Poshak Neuzyme plus is an excellent soil organic carbon content reviving soil amendment and an excellent plant feed. Mrida Poshak is a potent soil ameliorant for soil health rejuvenation and crop productivity enhancement,


Suitable for all field crops, Pulses, Oilseeds, Horticulture, Floriculture & Vegetable crops, Tuberous crops like Potato, Sugar & Fiber crops, Plantation crops, Medicinal and Aromatic crops.

Method of Application:

Mix in soil while sowing @25 kg of Mridaposhak per acre.

25 Kg per acre top dressing at flowering stage in vegetable crops gives unprecedented results.



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Total soluble contents in granules contain 20℅ Imported Bio Fulvic acid, Humic acid Fulvic acid, Amino acids, Seaweed extract (red & brown Algae proteins, carbohydrates, inherent nutrients, vitamins, plant growth regulators (PGRS) like Auxin, Cytokinin & Gibberellins Contained in products of natural and organic origin.)

Application Benefits:

  • Suitable for sustainable agricultural Act as ‘Metabolic Enhancer, stimulates crop growth and development. Improves soil structure and promotes root development.
  • Develops adverse condition tolerance capacity in crops and makes them cold/drought resistant.
  • Enhances stress tolerance ability of crops & resistance against pests & diseases.
  • This is an organic product, environment friendly and biodegradable product, Safe and eco-friendly. No phytotoxic effect. Provides micro and macro nutrients, Natural minerals, bentonite and humic acid. Improves organic crop yield and makes soil organic.
  • Improves quality of yield- better shape, size, uniformity, colour & taste of fruits.
  • Specially suitable for tuberous crops like potato.
  • Promotes propagation of beneficial bacteria. Ensures crop health and prevents crop from disease.
  • Enhances physiological efficiency of crops leading into balanced nutrient uptake from soil. Makes soil loose friable and moist.
  • Higher crop yields due to complete nutritional benefit to crops expressed in improved plant vigour, root and shoot growth, more flowering and fruiting, etc.
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