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Product Description:

Upajmultiplier, a product for overall crop care and nutrition , crop productivity enhancement, soil fertility and humus build up formulated by comprising Potassium Humate, Bio Fulvic Acid, Amino Acids and Seaweed extract.

Constituents :

Bio Fulvic Acid, Potassium Humate, Amino Acid (Soya based), Seaweed extract (Red & Brown Algae proteins, carbohydrates, inherent nutrients, vitamins, plant growth regulators (PGRS) like Auxin, Cytokinin & Gibberellins Contained in products of natural and organic origin. )

Crops :

Suitable for all field crops, Pulses, Oilseeds, Horticulture, Floriculture & Vegetable crops, Tuberous crops like Potato, Sugar & Fiber crops, Plantation crops, Medicinal and Aromatic crops.

Method of Application:

UPAJMULTIPLIER can be applied by scattering, fertigation, seed treatment, foliar spray, drip or flood irrigation, mixing with other fertilizers, or vermi-compost.


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For Spray:

0.5 to 1gm per liter water solution @ 200 gm/Acre at 10_12 days interval.

Flood Irrigation :

500 gm of Upajmultiplier with flood irrigation/fertigation during first second and third irrigation.

While Sowing :

1 kg of Upajmultiplier mixed in soil or sand or fertilizers / organic granules or Vermi compost to be applied in one acre.

Advantages :

  • Upajmultiplier is an organic input in powder form for all types of crops and soils. Helps seed germination and root development and provides overall crop nutrition and soil conditioning.
  • Upajmultiplier increases yield and quality of produce by improving chlorophyll content in leaves & speeding up the photosynthesis and increasing the metabolic function of plants. Upajmultiplier works as an organic catalyst.
  • Upajmultiplier provides balanced and sufficient nutrition to crops, provides plant enzymes hormones, vitamins minerals and other micronutrients to plants. improves beneficial bacteria count in soil and makes soil naturally fertile by activating soil microbial organisms..
  • Upajmultiplier promotes earthworm propagation and functioning by providing conducive soil environment and promotes beneficial bacteria and eliminates harmful fungus in soil and activates natural microbial auto fertility bio-mechanism in soil. This is the best food for beneficial bacteria and microbes in soil.
  • Upajmultiplier iImproves oxidation in soil. Improves soil humus soil and soil structure. Improves organic contents in soil and stimulates Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) in soil.
  • Upajmultiplier helps in optimizing vegetative growth in the initial phases of crop growth and root development and improves nutrition uptake by roots.
  • Upajmultiplier improves water retention capacity of soil, makes soil loose, friable, soft, moist and fertile. promotes better tillering, aggregation, flocculation, root growth & nutrient uptake and ensures availability of nutrients to plant roots and efficient utilization of fertilizers.
  • Upajmultiplier improves effects of other crop care products and fertilizers when applied with Upajmultiplier coating.
  • Upajmultiplier multiplies crop yield to double in 3-5 years of regular use and makes yield organic. Re-establishes soil’s auto fertility natural microbial mechanism.
  • Upajmultiplier also provides resistance to plants against drought/cold conditions and develops adverse condition tolerance capacity in crops. Makes crops healthy, insect & pest resistant.
  • Upajmultiplier improves carbon content in soil and soil structure.
  • Upajmultiplier helps plant in cell division, internodes elongation, and seed development.
  • Upajmultiplier controls water and soil pollution by controlling fertilizer and toxic residue’s leaching through chelation. Stabilizes nitrogen and improves nitrogen utilization efficiency. Prevents nitrogen leaching and underground water & rainwater contamination due to fertilizer’s leaching.
  • Upajmultiplier regulates PH value of soil and releases phosphorus from lock-ups for plant utilization and improves soil condition and structure. It activates the soil bacteria, especially rhizosphere bacteria that are responsible for the better growth of root system and solublising nutrients for plants uptake.
  • Upajmultiplier improves flowering and fruit set and prevents flower and fruit drop. Improves quality and quantity of farm produce, fruit size, colour, taste, and nutritional value of yield.
  • Upajmultiplier free from artificial inorganic chemicals. Reduces requirement of artificial inorganic chemical fertilizers and toxic crop care products in crops.
  • Upajmultiplier improves and rejuvenates crops affected from pesticide herbicide weedicide and insecticide use. Recovers crops from ill effects of toxic crop care product’s use.
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