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Product Description: UPAJVARDHAK HUMINOZYME is a Niteogenous organic manure in granular form fortified with Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid, organic humic powder and potassium nitro-humates.

This nitrogenous organic input formulated with organic humic powder, humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acid and potassium nitro- humate is much more effective for plants than the regular synthetic artificial inorganic chemical fertilizer urea.

Crops : In all types of soil, suitable for all field crops, groundnut, potato, Maize, Cereals, Wheat, Tobacco, Sugarcane, Banana, Chilly, Oilseeds, Horticulture, Floriculture, Vegetable crops, Foodgrain crops, Tuberous crops like Potato, Sugar & Fibre crops, Plantation crops, Medicinal and Aromatic crops.

Method of Application  : Mix in soil while sowing, broadcast for top dressing and foliar spray.

Dosage : 10 Kg of UPAJVARDHAK HUMINOZYME per acre while sowing or top dressing, For foliar spray 3 kg/ acre.

Application benefits :
  • 1.This is an Nitrogenous Organic Manure" (HUMINOZYME) granular input for all types of crops and all types of soil. ". No phytotoxic effect. potassium nitro- humate, humic acid and Amino acids fulfill the nitrogen requirement of crops and improve carbon content in soil.
  • 2.Increases quality and quantity of farm produce by increasing chlorophyll content in leaves, speeding up photosynthesis and plant metabolism.
  • 3.Provides balanced nitrogenous nutrition to crops.
  • 4.It helps in optimizing vegetative growth and greenery in all phases of crop growth.
  • 5.Improves humus content in soil, prevents niteogen leaching and runoff. Ensures efficient utilization of nitrogen. Makes soil moist by retaining moisture unlike urea which depletes soil moisture and makes it dry and thirsty.
  • Unit Quantity : 10Kg
    Price Inclusive of taxes. Rs. 750
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