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Upajvardhak PROMISE-O-K++

Product Description: UPAJVARDHAK PROMISE-O-K++ is a Potassium Rich Organic Micronutrients Infused Soil Enrichment (PROMISE) in granular form formulated with natural potash and fortified with huminozyme, micronitrients, Copper, ferrous with traces of Plant Growth Hormones, Auxins, Cytokinins & GA.

Crops : Suitable for all field crops, groundnut, potato, maize, cereals, wheat, gram, Horticulture, Floriculture & Vegetable crops, Foodgrain crops, Tuberous crops like potato, Sugar & Fibre crops, and Medicinal crops.

Dosage : 20 Kg / Acre

Composition :

  • Natural Potash K2O - 12%
  • Organic Humic Acid - 10%
  • Natural Calcium Ca -7%
  • Natural Magnesium MgO - 3%
  • Total Nitrogen (N) - 1.5%


  • Phosphate (P2O5) -0.1%
  • Total Carbon -25%
  • Bentonite - 40%
  • Trace Elements (Fe, Cu & Zn) 1800ppm.
  • Traces of auxins gibberlins, cytokinin and amino acids.
Application Benefits :
  • 1. It enhances crop yield by facilitating better starch, protein & sugar accumulation .
  • 2. It improves fruit quality and texture of fruits helping farmers get higher price realization.
  • 3. It reduces soil salinity and improves water penetration and retention.
  • 4. Provides balanced plant nutrition and ensures over all plant growth and health.
  • 5. Makes soil loose, friable, aggregate, soft and moist. Improves soil structure and carbon content.
  • 6. Acts as a potential reforming agent helps in maintaining humus level and chemical balance in the soil.
  • 7. It increases chlorophyll content in leaves & speeds up the photosynthesis and metabolic function of the plants.
  • Unit Quantity: 20 kg
    Price Inclusive of taxes. Rs.1080
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