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is determined to revive soil fertility by providing Approved Organic Inputs. These inputs are critical to re-establish the natural fertility mechanism of soil and humus level and revert Indian agriculture to Organic Farming. NUIL is determined to preserve and propagate Indian Vedic Seeds and establish “Indian Vedic Seed Bank” to ensure the National Seed Security. NUIL Organic inputs will pave the way not only for the Indian agriculture but for the global agriculture and farming community to shift to organic farming.

NUIL inputs are instrumental in reviving soil fertility, contain soil toxicity, ensure soil reform, conditioning and nutrition, yield boosting and crop nutrition, soil PH regulation and making crops resistant to adverse environmental stress.


Neuglobal Upajvardhak India Limited provides highly efficient approved organic inputs for soil health revival, humus re-generation, improving soil moisture retention and water absorbing capacity, enhancing underground water aquifers’ recharging in rainy season and enhancing qualitative & nutritive farm production.

We Believe in Serving the Farmers “The Annadata”

NeuGlobal Upajvardhak India Limited is unique and very different from other fertilizer and crop protection product companies. Our objectives are making agriculture sustainable and improving farmers income. Our products are instrumental to revive soil fertility, yield quality and quantity. Our primary focus is on boosting organic yield and make farming Non-toxic.

We Believe in Actions and Silent Revolution

Sustainable production system relies upon living soils, flourishing agro-biodiversity and the maintenance of nutrient and hydrological cycles. The integration between trees and forests, livestock and crops needs to be restored for course correction. Our line of action is in the same direction which will pave the way for this silent revolution.

We Believe in Potential of Indian Agriculture

Green Revolution, which fulfilled the food grain deficiency and ensured “National Food Security”, now we need to focus on “Nutrition Security” through quality agricultural production. Nutrition Security will pave the way for better “National Health” which will further reduce the “National Healthcare and Medicine Budget”. We believe that as a nation, with healthiest soil on this planet, Indian Agriculture have the potential to ensure and control the Nutrition Security of this planet. Reverting to organic farming will ensure the “Agricultural Sustainability” and “Nutrition Security”


‘Humus’ is the main element in living soil responsible for soil fertility and water retention. Decreasing humus level has disturbed the living microbial organism in soil which is affecting the soil’s auto fertility mechanism. Reviving the soil humus will make soil “living” from “non-living”.


1. To make agriculture more productive, sustainable, remunerative and climate resilient, environment and health friendly.
2. To conserve natural water resources through soil moisture holding capacity buildup and improved underground water recharging.
3. To adopt comprehensive soil health management practices based on soil fertility and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.
4. To optimize utilization of water ‘more crop per drop’ and conservation of underground and rain water by retaining the soil moisture and improved water penetration to recharge the underground water aquifers.
5. “National Nutrition Security” and improve “National Health”.
6. To achieve Climate Resilient Agriculture in the domain of climate change adaptation and mitigation.
7. To achieve the National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture.
8. Conservation of environment, mitigation of global warming and its reversal.
9. Effective management of available water resources and enhancing water use efficiency.
10. To improve organic farm productivity, improve soil health, increase water holding capacity of soil.
11. Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and enhancing soil organic carbon content.
12. Integrated Nutrient Management for improving soil health, enhancing nutritional value and crop productivity and maintaining quality of soil and water resources.
13. National Food Security Mission (NFSM) inherent with “Nutrition Security”.
14. Climate change mitigation and achieve the goals of National Action Plan on Climate Change.
15. To achieve the goals of National Project on Management of Soil Health and Fertility (NPMSHF) and National Project on Organic Farming (NPOF)

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