Mission and Values


Increase farmers income by helping them to increase their crop production and organic yield, through the application of efficient organic inputs, maintain the environmental balance and eliminate soil pollution and soil toxicity, and ensure farmers’ economic empowerment and prosperity.


Neuglobal Upajvardhak India’s mission is to ensure agricultural sustainability through promotion of organic farming and vedic white revolution, promote self sustainable and environment friendly agricultural practices to increase organic farm productivity and revert indian agriculture to Organic Farming and ensure farming community’s economic prosperity.

Corporate Plan 2025

Providing innovative organic inputs for agriculture and animal husbandry.

Setting up of agro processing units.

Setting up organic input projects overseas through strategic alliance.

Setting up new plants and expansion throughout India.

Forming organic producer groups and drive awareness programmes on organic farming.

Providing organic feed supplements to increase production of A-2 Milk.

Promote sustainable farming practices.

Salient Features

To stand up as a global leader in organic inputs production.

Enhancing presence in international markets through joint ventures.