Our Objective

Our Objective

Prosperous Farmers – Prosperous Bharat


Leading The Way In Providing Organic Inputs For Over 3 Years

To ensure agricultural sustainability, we strive to revert the Indian Agriculture to Organic Farming. We are here to:
Promote National Organic Green Revolution & Vedic White Revolution,
Increase organic crop yield & improve farmers income,
Ensure National Food & Nutrition Security and improve National Health.

The continuous use of chemical fertilizers has decimated the “Soil Humu”. The fertile holy top soil has lost its water retention capacity due to decrese in Humus level and soil organic carbon. Now plant malnutrition, soil and water pollution due to leaching of fertilizers specially nitrogenous fertilizers has become a serious concern. India’s fertile holy top soil’s fertility is depleting due to continuous overuse and dependence on chemical fertilizers. Decreasing carbon content in soil is alarming. The soil devoid of microbes, earthworms and fungi is too thirsty. Quality and quantity of agricultural production is gradually declining. The ill effects of inferior quality farm products are clearly visible now. Foods grown with chemical fertilisers/ pesticides are toxic and lacking in essential nutrients.